"If you pick the right people…you almost don't have to manage them."
                                                                                             Jack Welch




You'll never achieve Superior Employee Job
  Performance without doing these three things:

HIRE the Right People (Job Fit)

DEVELOP Their Skills (Leadership)

RETAIN Them (Manage and Motivate)

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Superior Employee Performance
How to Hire, Develop, and Retain the RIGHT People
by Annette Estes, CPBA, CPVA



Superior Employee Performance details a 7-step process that will show you the secret to hiring top talent. It will help you understand who your employees are, not just what they do.  You need to know before you hire them:

  • Will they do the job the way it should be done for superior employee job performance?

  • Does the job reward their values and therefore motivate them to be a superior performer?

  • Does the job require the kinds of tasks they prefer to do?

  • How do they respond to problems and challenges?

  • How do they relate to other people?

  • Do they welcome or resist change?

  • Do they tend to follow or break rules?

  • Does who they are fit what the job requires them to do?

You can try to find out during the job interview, but applicants' probably will tell you what they think you want to hear, which may or may not be the truth.  Job applicants wear a "mask" during the interview, which is one of the reasons a Michigan State University  study concluded, "the job interview is (only) 14% accurate."

Superior Employee Performance will give you an insider's look at people's behavior and attitudes, which determine what motivates them and explains why they behave as they do.


Hiring superior performers will automatically make your managers' jobs easier.  Still, employees need managing, guiding, and coaching. Superior Employee Performance will give you tips on how to understand and manage people with different personality types and values. It will show you how to improve communications with your staff and how to reward superior employee job performance in a way that will motivate individual employees even more effectively.

Superior Employee Performance is the ultimate team-building guide in that it gives tips on how employees can communicate with, manage, and motivate each other.


Right now you might be asking,
“Who is Annette and why should I buy her book?”

Fair question. I'm Annette Estes and I am passionate about helping companies hire, develop, and retain the right people. We have a unique, patented process that helps companies conduct behavioral based interviews that are EEOC compliant and result in the hiring of superior employees.  Our process doesn't stop there, but continues to help companies manage and develop their people to increase employee job performance, satisfaction, and retention.

The Estes Group has been serving our clients for 18 years.  I am a Certified Professional Behavioral and Values Analyst, coach, and consultant. I'm a graduate of The University of the Ozarks and  CoachU, and a founding member of CoachVille and the International Association of Coaches (IAC). I'm also an award-winning columnist and expert eZine articles author.  My first book was published in 2003 and is now an eBook, also.  It's entitled Why Can't You See It My Way? Resolving Values Conflicts at Work and Home.


 Some of the knowledge you'll gain from reading Superior Employee Performance

  • Where measuring superior performance begins

  • How behavior and attitude relate to employee job performance

  • How to manage people with different behaviors and attitudes

  • How to match a person to a job

  • The value each person brings to your company

  • How you can hire top talent with ease and confidence

Plus, you'll discover a 7-step process that can help you:

  • Hire the right people

  • reduce your employee turnover rate

  • Increase employee job satisfaction and employee retention

  • Improve conflict management

  • improve profitability - significantly



Yeah, but...

How do I know this information will help our company and save us money?

How much money does one bad hire cost your company?  I can guarantee you, if you implement the process in the ebook as I describe it, you will make better hires, retain the right people, and improve profitability.  I know this from the experience of my clients and other companies.  And Superior Employee Performance includes results of research studies that prove it works.

Does this process cost a lot of money or take a lot of time and effort to implement?

No. The initial process takes three hours.  After that it's easy and quick to incorporate into your hiring and management processes and takes only 20-30 minutes to get accurate results.  If this system prevents you from making even one bad hire, it could pay for itself for a lifetime.

You can feel confident that this book contains accurate information about a proven, but little known, process for improving employee job performance. If not, we'll refund your purchase price.



For every copy of Superior Employee Performance we sell, we donate $1.00 to the Alzheimer's Association.  So, if you buy this book, it's a win-win-win for you, us, and those suffering from this debilitating disease.

If you don't want to buy the book, and/or if you'd like to make a larger contribution, you may make your own personal donation by going here to the Alzheimer's Association website.  This page is my tribute to my mother, Ruth Carlisle, who died on October 23, 2011, from complications of Alzheimer's disease.

My mother at age 95 and age 99


Watch this YouTube video of Alzheimer's Association Celebrity Champions

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